Quality Policies

R Matus is focused on customer satisfaction and it outstands for excellence in quality and service, combined with accessible market prices.

Our organization encourages our staff to promote, perform and maintain quality policies that constitute our guarantee as suppliers. We assure the compliance with principles, procedures, controls and continuous improvement of processes that reflect our commitment to excellence.

Our quality policy is based on:
- Implementation and maintenance of a quality system under strict procedural rules.
- Adequate technology and systems update.
- Analysis and evaluation of our customers’ and suppliers’ recommendations or suggestions regarding improvements of our products and services.
- Promotion of our human resources’ development by means of trainings, participation and team work.

Our QUALITY Principles

- Quality control programs
- Quality assurance programs
- Material control
- Audits to suppliers
- Process statistical control
- Control laboratory
- Product certification (analysis, conformity and traceability)