Our Missión

To grow and develop on a continuous basis in order to satisfy our customers’ needs through the excellence of our products and services.

Our Visión

To become a company acknowledged for its performance, quality and services in the high purity gases and special blends’ market, not only in the Argentine territory, but also in Latin America.

Our Values


We are committed not only to our job, but also to our customers and the entire community


Exhaustive control of our processes accompanied by our excellence principle permits us offering the highest quality gases and blends.


Research and technological innovation permit us to continue evolving and being updated.

Training and Development

We encourage employees’ training so that they can develop professionally and be able to assist with ideas and become part of our projects.


We try to shorten distances with our customers, both in the Argentine territory and in Latin America. With that purpose, we evaluate and improve logistics in order to deliver in time and manner


Safety is essential for R Matus; not only as far as processes are concerned, but also regarding the use that our customers give to our products. For that purpose, we provide specific instructions to train our customers.

Environmental Care

AWe undertake the commitment to take care of natural resources and the environment, with policies specifically designed and complied with by every member of our organization.


We emphasize the clarity and responsibility of our management.