Special Blends

R Matus has a large experience in the preparation and commercialization of blends of precision gases for the scientific and industrial community. We prepare tailor-made blends according to our customers’ requirements.

Our advanced production techniques ensure a thorough mixture of all components and the reproducibility of the blends. This can be achieved thanks to our modern technology that includes precision scales, safety sensors, contamination sensors, Co2, oxygen, H2O and halogen analyzers, in both % and ppm/v.

• VISX-1


• MIX 95

Among our different blends, we have to mention the Excimer Laser: a kind of ultraviolet laser. The word “Excimer” comes from “excited dimer”. The typical Excimer laser uses a combination of inert gas like argon, krypton or xenon, with a reactive gas. In appropriate electric stimulation conditions, a pseudo-molecule is created, that exists only in an excited status and which can originate a laser ultraviolet light. Excimer Laser blends at R Matus have the lowest possible toxicity percentages; furthermore, we analyze the specifications of every customer, with lower costs and higher reproducibility.

Excimer Laser History

The first Excimer Laser was invented in 1970 by Nikolai Basov, V.A. Danilychev and Yu M. Popov at the Lébedev Physics Institute in Moscow, using a xenon dimer (Xe2) excited by an electron beam to give stimulated emission at a wave length of 172 nm. Between the years 1975 y 1979, some scientists and research centers worked in the improvement of the Excimer gases family. Some of them were Charles Chase from Tachisto, Terry McKee from Lumonics, Charles Rhodes and Paul Christensen representing the United States Government Laboratories, among other scientists.

Standard Applications
Nowadays, Excimer Laser is used in ultra violet photolithography and in ophthalmological surgeries for LASIK treatments.

Within the ophthalmological field, Excimer Laser is appropriate to treat myopias between 1 and 10 diopters and hyperopias between 1 and 5 diopters, with or without astigmatism.

Benefits of Excimer Laser surgery
- It eliminates or reduces dependency on glasses or contact lens.
- It does not require hospitalization
- Quick vision recovery
- Not painful procedures

Equipments using our products:
• Technolas Chirom
• Nidek
• MEL 60, 70 y 80
• Technolas
• Multiscan
• Analyte G2
• SCHWIND Esiris y Amaris

Please ask for any blend that it is not included in the above listing.