Safety Policies

We should point out the importance of safety, fundamental in our industry. Our broad experience permits us to advise users regarding the necessary precautions to be taken with all products.

R Matus provides every employee and customer diverse safety practices and it informs about possible risks concerning the different gases, based on the following internal rules:
1) Knowledge of the characteristics and possible risks of the gas (or gases) being used or commercialized.

a) Gas classification according to the family or group it belongs to:
- Neutral or inert
- Combustible or Flammable
- Comburent or Oxidant
- Corrosive
- Toxic
- Cryogenic liquids

b) Each gas (or gases) produced, used and commercialized by R Matus has its own technical data sheet which provides a proper description of its physical-chemical properties, purities, usual packing, work characteristics, conversion factors, etc.

2) Knowledge of the characteristics and adequate management and storage forms of gases and equipment.

- Definition of storage areas
- Identification thereof
- Content indication
- Survey and testing.

Our employees’ working conditions are safe and subject to constant improvement, with the final purpose of avoiding accidents and any risks to their health.